The Threepenny Opera

Book by Bertolt Brecht

Music by Kurt Weill 

A masterpiece of Weimar Republic German political satire, this brilliant musical explores the nature of growing evil in the world and how easily it takes hold in our very natures.


Scenic Design by David Leugs

Scenic Painting by Jayme Mellema

Lighting Design by David Leugs

Costume Design by Melissa Merz

Forced Perspective
Scenic design based on graphic novel imagery.
Mack the Knife
In the prologue, the moon glowing behind the scene.
Singing the love ballad.
In Brechtian style, the actor playing the MC demonstrates gestus.
Gestic acting
Actors play in full Brechtian style.
Painted scenery
All the scenery for this production, was painted in black and white forced perspective.
Painting placards
The beggars paint their begging boards.
Comic song
Mack the Knife's flunkies saw the legs off the piano
Gestic Choreography
We emphasized the contour and shape of the body in choreography in this production, producing comic effect in Brechtian style.
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