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The Violence That Binds Us

The Violence that Binds Us

I worked on this adaptation of material from my film INTIMATE VIOLENCE during the Covid Summer of 2020. Myself and two students (Mikah Holcomb and Lauren Hayes) took all the transcripts of the survivor interviews and edited them together. The characters are survivors of intimate partner violence. Now this play is being used by domestic violence prevention educators in Virginia and performed yearly at the Trauma to Trial trainings. It's a unique endeavor to use a play to educate rather than survivors coming in to tell their stories in person. We were aiming to help in a way so that survivors would not need to be re-traumatized in telling their stories.  

In terms of development, we took the play through three drafts and worked with actors to continue to develop the piece until it was ready for performance. It was first performed in the Summer of 2021 and continues to be performed. Here is a link to an article about the play:


If you're interested in reading or performing this play....

Get in touch so we can start working together. I can provide you with a copy once we work out an agreement.

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