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Media in Theatre

The integration of media and theatre is the now and the future of the art.  In each of the projects listed below, we integrated either live action film on stage or external media production into the performance.  My theory of media is that if it serves the story, and is not a distraction to the narrative, but enhances it and makes the story function better within the director's concept, then we should use it.  It CANNOT just look cool, there must be an integrated and intentional reason for using it.  Today, theatre students need exposure to as much media production as possible so that they have a level of ease and comfortability with it moving into the profession.  I can safely say that this is now the case with students working on production with me.  The goal is both the teaching of the technology with a careful integration into the text.

Media Production

In creating material to be seen on screens, I've focused on the social justice plays devised with my company as well as making films about Saint Hildegard of Bingen, who is one of my personal heroes, standing up for women's rights in a time when women had none whatsoever.  Below you may see clips and preiews of the four films, and moving into the future, my plan is to create media production out of every project I make, whether it is explicitly written for media or written for the stage.

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