Life's a Dream by Pedro Calderon de la Barca adapted for the stage by T.M. Camp

Treated more as monster than as human, this prince has been imprisoned for his whole life.
She confronts Segismundo, whose animal nature results from life imprisonment
The sword
This sword has magical power.
The dream
They dress Segismundo and bring him into the palace, telling him it's a dream, and testing his nature.
The prince at last
He begins to question reality and his father, the king.
Animal nature
Because he cannot escape his nature, he attacks his teacher
The fool
Segismundo learns more from the fool than from anyone
The prophecy fulfilled
Segismundo fulfills the prophecy, crushing his father, but has mercy in the end.
Love prevails
In the end Segismundo is restored, the king lives, and love is found.
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In this beautiful play of the Spanish Golden Age, the life-imprisoned prince Segismundo is tricked into believing that his life is dream to test his nature and to trick the gods.  


Scenic design by James Korf

Lighting design by David Leugs

Costume design by Melissa Merz



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