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When I think of creating, the first thing I want to emphasize is compassion.

I'm most interested in creating compassionate community through theatre and film. 

I began my career in 1996, after finishing my Ph.D. course and then moving to Michigan where I worked for Calvin College for 19 years. There I directed over 20 productions, many of them original works, and began my own writing career.

I also discovered a gift for filmmaking while I was there, and began that pursuit.

When Calvin cut their arts programming in 2015, I took a job at Washington and Lee University in Virginia, where the journey continues.

Learning to be a compassionate creator first means being compassionate with yourself, something I learned through going to rehab for Alcohol Use Disorder. I'm very transparent about my journey with addiction and now use the skills I learned in rehab and continue to learn in AA to carry a message of acceptance for all into all that I do

Background Photo is the Map for Journey to the Greatest Gift designed by the Community at L'Arche Daybreak. The map depicts the lands that the characters visit on searching for their gifts so that they can return home.


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