Mad Forest by Caryl Churchill

Episodic structure
The scenic design was based on the Romanian flag.
A lecture on Communist Romanian History
Smashing an egg
In Romania, food was not just a commodity, but a bartering tool and here the father smashes a coveted egg in front of his family.
Actors play between three and nine characters and here the actor plays a Romanian security officer
The angel was designed based on the tryptic images of Medieval Romanian cathedrals.
In Act II, the actors are isolated and tell their individual stories of revolution.
Characters are waiting to buy meat, a common daily activity in Communist Romania
Girl seeks an abortion from a Romanian doctor, considered an illegal activity.
The men gather to drink traditional Romanian palinka and tell stories.
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Staged in the moment of the Romanian revolution, this play explores the effect of Ceaucescu's dictatorial regime on the people and the land.  


Scenic and lighting design by David Leugs

Painting and backdrop by Jayme Mellema

Costume design by Melissa Merz 

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