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Written in 1606, Lear is the triumph of Shakespeare's tragedies, written as he mourned the loss of his son Hamnet.  The play reveals little grace except through lasting loyalties and friendships.  In this way it's a morality play of sorts as Lear marches toward his death and only his good friends Kent and Gloucester, and his daughter Cordelia stick by.  We are playing around with King Lear performed by a troupe of white clowns, in the old French buffoun style.  So, as the clown is an existential figure, an eternal, he explores how this play sheds light on the human condition.

In 2015, when I was laid off because they cut the theatre program, my students at Calvin College made this documentary about my last show, King Lear.  It's lovely.  Enjoy. A testament to the work!

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