Professor Stephanie Sandberg

As a teacher, writer, and director of theatre and film, I work to maintain an excellent craft, teaching students the vocation of making mimetic art, making art that challenges us artistically, intellectually, and culturally.  Never satisfied with the status quo, never believing I've learned it all, pushing myself to new creative and artistic limits excites me every time I teach and make a new piece of theatre.

There are beautiful moments of memory captured in this site, that reveal the breadth and depth of the work. I am so grateful to my colleagues and students, who've made all of this work possible.

One moment of sincere difficulty happened to me in 2015, when I was laid off when they cut the theatre program, my students at Calvin made this documentary about my last show, King Lear.  It's lovely.  Enjoy. A testament to the work!

The Violence that Binds Us: Stories of Domestic Violence Survivors
August, 26 2021
Performed with Project Horizon

Buena Vista Park Pavilion
7 pm

Upcoming Projects

Oneliness: A documentary exploring the condition of 

To be released: 2022